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Hi, my name is Pavel and I am a Web Developer.

Web Technologies, Design and Development, User Interfaces and Experiences are the things that I am passionate about.

Making stuff and constantly learning things – all that makes my day.

WooCommerce Subcategories

WooCommerce Subcategories Widget screenshot

Wordpress widget plugin for listing product subcategories from selected parent category.

WooCommerce Subcategories Widget screenshot
  • Chose first option to show subcategories dynamicly depending on category you are currently in.
  • Or leave first checkbox blank and chose one particular parent category from drop-down bellow to show its subcategories on every page.
  • If you need to show subcategories of only one level chose to hide subcategories of deeper levels.
  • In case you need to show the link to parent category you have an option for it.
  • Preserve links on the screen while walking through the categories.
  • Show categories thumbnails alone or add captions to them.

Menu widget

WP Menu widget screenshot

Wordpress widget plugin for showing static pre-generated menu in any widget area.

WP Menu widget screenshot

It is useful when you need to:

  • Show different menus to guests and logged-in users.
  • Automatically generate the list of child pages for current active page.
  • Specify menu per page separately. After plugin is activated "Select menu" metabox is added to "Pages" editing screen below the main editor, where you can choose the menu you want to show for any particular page.

Flexslider for WordPress

Flexslider for WordPress screenshot

Wordpress wrapper plugin for jQuery Flexslider.

Flexslider for WordPress screenshot
  • Custom post types for slider images.
  • Group images as you want to show them in different sliders throughout your site.
Flexslider for WordPress screenshot
  • Separate settings for each slider you create.
  • Flexible slider settings.

WooCommerce Tweaker

WooCommerce Tweaker screenshot

Plugin that provides some additional options and tweaks for WooCommerce Wordpress plugin by WooThemes.


  • Tweak look of product page. Disable or hide tabs, align content.
  • Add different textual descriptions to each product variation.
  • Use WP PageNavi plugin for pagination (if installed and active)
  • Tweak sorting field postion on the page
  • Customize "Add to Cart" button text (Single product)
  • Editing capabilities for "Shop Manager" role.
  • Remove related products from product page.
  • Disable cart funcionality to simulate catalog.
  • Customize Checkout page. Visible/required fields, fields alignment.

Share Things

Share Things browser plugin screenshot

Google Chrome browser plugin that brings up share dialog windows for chosen social networks.


Some experiments just for fun and trying out stuff.

Note. Different browsers have different capabilities. It means that these demos can behave differently in different browsers, and that's OK.

Rounded thumbnails portfolio

Presents portfolio as randomly placed rounded thumbnails that expands to full width and height on hover. Description appears on one of the sides with smooth rotating effect.


Clockwise flower-like rotation

Continue toying with rotation animation. Four parts rotate clockwise to form the whole image. No need to slice initial image in four parts (that can increase time of page loading), only one image is needed for this animation to work.