ChaDao Web App

After creating my ChaDao Project I thought it would be interesting to log my experiences. So I decided to create a web app to write down teas I’ve tasted, how I made them (water used, temperature and so on) and my thoughts on it.

I wanted it to look clean an simple. Pretty much like Apple Notes.

User interface is always a balance between the amount of useful information presented and visual clutter. To reduce visual clutter I’ve added some options for user to decide what information he needs.

At the start it was a Web App - which basically means “yet another tab in the browser”, but I’ve always wanted it to look and feel like a native app. I faked it with “desktop wallpapers”-like background at first, but then I decided to take it a bit further and made it an Electron app.

It turns out that wrappers like Electron behaves a bit different depending on the OS it runs on, so there are still a lot of nuances to learn.