Hello, I’m Pavel

I am a Web Developer and Designer passionate about technology, user interfaces and experiences. I have more then 15 years of experience under my belt, creating all sorts of projects from personal sites and e-commerce to Web Applications and platforms.

Design is one of the things I’m passionate about. I love when people create wonderful interfaces or objects, write good books or articles about it. I like it so much that I even created my own project dedicated to all kinds of design resources. Design&Stuff has everything from inspiration resources, design systems and tools to templates and icon libraries, going from ideas to “get stuff done”.

As for the hobbies, I like Photography, even though I’m not very good at it. Diving, got my beginner level certificate PADI OWD not so long ago. Chinese traditional Tea Culture with its relaxing yet quite mindful tea ceremony is an experience of its own.

When I’m not working intensely on something I like to take my time to learn, to think, to write and to get some inspiration from some really smart and talented people.

Here are some of my favorite quotes. Just give them some thought when you have a minute.

Obvious always wins

Luke Wroblewski

Design is subjective, only if you’re too lazy to make it objective

Dan Mall

Great design is a visual expression of great thinking

Stephen Gates

Making things on the screen is maybe 10 percent of being a designer

Mike Monteiro